A fantasy comic by Bictori


An undead little girl whose right arm and sense of determination are both metal as fuck.A servant of the Goddess of the Dead, Siobhan’s mission is to cross off the last name on her divinely-assigned hit list: renowned artificer and total psychopath Red Selle. Red is ten kinds of crazy, and Siobhan’s going to need some help. Except that this “help” came in the form of a castaway prince and his bodyguard, a disgruntled engineer, and a hobo. The one person that might actually be of help would be Ollie Kingsport, her adoptive father—too bad he’s been missing for six years.

Siobhan had better pray for patience, because if she prays for strength she’ll kill them.


The prince of a neighboring kingdom and an empath of questionable power. What’s an empath? He’d be glad if you knew, because he sure doesn’t. As far as he’s concerned, it means when people around him feel things strongly, he starts to feel the same way—and vice versa.

When he found out that his father’s rule was on the brink of collapse, Alexei felt there was no other course of action but to run like hell. With the help of his loyal bodyguard, Ismat, Alexei managed to escape to the city of Nicodemia. Here, he hopes to embark on a journey full of adventure and romance, while continuing to completely deny the reality of his situation.


Alexei’s bodyguard and best friend, whose mannerisms are incomprehensible to everyone but himself. Fifteen years ago, Ismat wandered out of the wilderness and into Alexei's service, where he was recruited for his resilience to Alexei's powers. Ismat has made it his life’s purpose to assist and protect Alexei in his endeavors, evidently seeing something in the prince that nobody else does.

Ismat sees something similar in Siobhan, whose straightforward personality and iron-clad determination endear her to him. Ismat is content to go along with whatever everyone else wants to do, as long as it doesn’t involve any digging around in his past.


A young artificer-in-training who specializes in the medical arts. When he was a child, Jonah travelled abroad to the city of Nicodemia to pursue his education. However, the outbreak of war cut his plans short. Against all odds he managed to make it back home safely, thanks to the efforts of his best friend, Red Selle.

Ten years later, Jonah returned to Nicodemia in an attempt to find Red and properly express his gratitude. There, Jonah made the acquaintance of Siobhan, who fortunately happens to share his goal of finding Red. Not so fortunately, she also intends to kill Red after locating him. Jonah is still slightly unsure how this is all going to play out.


A sweet guy who makes mistakes and also literally turns into a tiger. Silvain really should have wrapped it before he tapped it, but he didn’t, and now he’s the proud father of a six-year-old boy—but that wasn’t the mistake. The mistake was taking the boy on a hunting trip that ended with the boy’s legs getting crushed. Did I say that was “the” mistake? Sorry, that was the first mistake. The second mistake was running away. The third mistake probably involved alcohol.

Sil is figuring out that at some point, these things stop being mistakes and just start being bad choices.


A powerful artificer dead set on retrieving the legendary treasure of Korban. The only thing bigger than his ego are his plans, and he won’t let anyone get in his way—not the Goddess of Death, not a displaced prince and his bodyguard, and certainly not his tragically misguided ‘friend,’ Jonah. The road to fame and power isn’t a cakewalk, but it is easier with a green glowstick of infinite power.

Red’s plans caught the attention of the Goddess of Rot, a charming deity enmeshed in a blood feud with the Goddess of Death. Red’s agreed to let The Rot in on the ground floor of his little scheme, but she’s hardly running the show. After all, it's Red’s world—everyone else is just living in it.