A fantasy comic by Bictori

Once upon a time, there was a handsome and brilliant wizard who only wanted to save the world ... Unfortunately, that man is a psychopath, and the only one who can stop him is an undead little girl.

Issue #1

Prince Alexei is having a marvelous time visiting the magical kingdom of Nicodemia... until murder happens.

Alexei and his bodyguard Ismat are carted off straight into a political and supernatural conflict years in the making. A lying king, a deceased fat cat, a bad paranormal romance novel—and at the center of the web, an undead, metal-armed little girl named Siobhan, who claims to be the premier assassin for the Goddess of Death.

It seems Alexei’s magical vacation has just turned into a magical murdery mystery.

Issue #2

Jonah is a magical artificer-in-training, one of the few surviving remnants of a proud profession that kind of imploded about eight years ago.

While trying to repair a light pole that some idiot broke in the last chapter, Jonah experiences all the joys of living in a big city: pickpocketing, crazy drivers, hobos wandering out of alleyways and inviting themselves into your life...

Meanwhile, Alexei and Ismat have decided to stay in the spooky-as-hell temple of the death goddess. While they get over their heebie-jeebies, Siobhan takes charge, leading them straight back into trouble.